Vibrant, alluring and thoughtful events, designed with a purpose in mind

Purposely Designed Event Planning is more than a planning and coordination company. We allow you to live out your dreams, and bring your visions to life (yes, even if you have no idea what they are yet). Our team is dedicated to transforming your anxiety into stress-free fun.

We began our journey planning weddings for couples in Charlotte, North Carolina, and have expanded into a multi-tiered company with a nationwide clientele. We are dedicated planners committed to providing extraordinary, seamless, “without-a-hitch” events.

You’re not the planning type. We’re happy to say that we are.

Patrice Miller

Certified Wedding and Event Planner, Patrice Miller is known for her passion for guiding couples and clients through some of the most important moments in their lives. She’s always had a knack for planning special moments, but realized her passion for events after planning her own wedding.

She was bitten by the planning bug, and decided to follow her dreams. After years of planning events big and small, she skillfully anticipates our clients' needs and delivers exceptional services. She has learned that her ultimate responsibility as a planner and coordinator is to create the space for you to feel seen and heard.

With Purposely Designed Event Planning, she leads the initial steps to bring every clients’ vision to life, with top-notch service.

Founder and Lead Planner

I'm ready to do this!

I don’t just plan. I live.

Along with being a Certified Wedding and Event Planner…

Some of my favorite events…

I am also a Certified Travel Agent through Archer Travel Services.

are classic and timeless in feel, and colorful in look. Emerald green has me in a choke hold at the moment.

If I could be anywhere, anytime, it would be…

I am a wife, and mom…

the beach! Preferably a beach out of the country.

to two beautiful girls. I strive to leave a legacy they are proud of daily.

Here’s why we’re that special one in a million.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. What makes us different, you ask?

Every event, couple and client, hands their special moments to us with full trust. Because we don’t take that trust for granted, we refuse to invite you into a space of rush or misalignment. We make you feel like a true partner, and your vision remains top-tier for us.

We promise that your event planning experience doesn’t have to play out like a dramatic reality show. In the right hands, it can be an unforgettable and joyful process that you’ll rave about for decades to come.

We are flexible with you as a human, first, and will never brush you off simply because we’re the experts. If you’re excited, or even a little afraid, we validate your emotions, every time.

We pride ourselves on our intimate experience. You’ll never feel like you’re working with a corporate giant, and will always have partners to journey through with you.

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